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How To Get A Free Driving Lesson Simply Go To: Click on The Free lesson Tab and get in contact and I’ll arrange your free lesson.( My area only 20 K of Doveton Victoria)


Passed 1st Time! 100% Score

Passed 1st Time! 100% Score

Victoria Roads Helpful Links

Victoria Roads Helpful Links

Vic roads has an impressively easy to navigate website. If you cannot find what your’e looking for simply type your search into “Google” Take your time and look around-Any questions feel free to get in contact,I’m only too happy to help.

Fit 2 Drive School Doveton Helpful Videos

Pass Your Red Ps First Time

Pass Your Red Ps First Time



These pages will help you with all you need to know about driver licences and learner permits.

Key Tasks-Simply click on any of the links

  1. Practice learner permit test
  2. Change your address
  3. Book your driver licence or learner permit test (External link)
  4. Convert your overseas or interstate driver licence (External link)
  5. Order a replacement driver licence or learner permit (External link)
  6. Order your driver history report

Q: Do you provide lessons on weekends?

Yes I’m able to do Saturdays and Sundays with at least a week prior notice

Q: Will you provide your car for the driving test?

Certainly, I will lend you a car for your test at a sensible rate. I’m also able to take you for a lesson prior to the test so you feel comfortable and confident.

Q: How long do you do your lessons go for?

The lessons go for between 45 minutes to 1 hour( your choice) and I’ll pick you up and drop you off.

Q: Will you fill in my log book?

Yes. At the Beginning or end of the lesson, I’ll fill in your log book.

Q: How long will it take to get my license?

It’s totally dependant on your skills and learning abilities. We show you the safest and most practical way to learn to drive, but every student is different. We will not push you to go for your test until you are ready to drive safely and know all the road rules.

Q: If I am going to drive an automatic but we have a manual car at home, do you advise that I learn both?

It’s best to learn in an automatic as that’s what you’re going to drive. You can always learn to drive manual later if that’s what you want to do. Driving automatic is also easier to learn than manual, so it helps if you gain confidence and road skills in an automatic before trying to learn manual.

Q: Do you offer Keys2Drive Free driving lesson?

Yes, We have driving instructors accredited by keys2drive and they can offer you a FREE lesson. Please register at and call us on 0409771606. Selected suburbs only.

Q: Is Your your car dual controlled?

Yes I’m a certificate 4  accredited Instructor so I provide driving lessons in dual controlled vehicle. In fact, I prefer to use my car for driving lesson.

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSW

Tips for handling tricky situationsTips for driving at night

tips for city driving

how to park a car

tips for country driving

how to parallel park

safe driving on Ps

A-Z of Road Rules

This section contains an A-Z summary of road rules in Victoria.

Instructions on how to locate a full copy of the Road Safety Road Rules 2009 can be found at Road Management Act, regulations & codes

Victorian rules converting ovrseas license

Convert Your Overseas License



Pass Your Test With NO Accidents In The First 6 Months!

Pass Your Test With NO Accidents In The First 6 Months!