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Laurens Mum Reference Fit 2 Drive School
School bus driver for the day

Kim with daughter Kim! -School bus driver for the day!

Kim, owner of Fit2Drive School is a gold accredited “k2d” award winning driving instructor and CEO of ADISA “Australian Driving Instructors Service Association”-dedicated to excellence in teaching driving.

He has authored numerous articles and books on both safe driving techniques as well as customer service and marketing skills for the Driving Instructor industry.

You, as a learner will learn some road skills to help become a safer,more confident driver and your “supervising driver” will learn how to teach you with less stress and pick up a few helpful  pointers themselves !

Fit2Drive Top 25!

Fit2Drive Top 25!

Excellence In Driver Training

Excellence In Driver Training Kim is CEO and Founder Of ADISA

Cert 4 Driver training latest Qualifications

Cert 4 Driver WWWCTraining

Training And Assessment


k2d Gold Accreditation

k2d Gold Accreditation over 490 FREE lessons now!


WWCC Victoria

Qualified to teach in both Vic.- NSW and soon Adelaide!

Fit2 Drive Sholl Making learning to drive fun and stress free-well nearly!
Pass Your Test With NO Accidents In The First 6 Months!