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Another Success Story!

Another Success Story!

Excellence In Driver Training

Kim Martin Certificate 4 qualified Gold Accreditation “k2d” Master Driving  Instructor.

Kim is the founder and CEO of The Australian Driving Instructors  Service Association “ADISA” Dedicated to Promoting Excellence In The Art of Driver Training

Dear soon to be P Plater

You might be wandering about the sign on my website that says I’ll teach you to drive safely with ZERO accidents in the first 6 months?


That’s because statistically speaking you’re the safest driver you’ll ever be when your on your L plates!

If that sounds strange I’ll briefly explain.

When you get your Ps you’ll most likely no longer have your “supervisor”( Mum, Dad, older sibling etc) in the car telling you what to do, how to do it, where to go and constantly giving you instructions, orders and directions.

You’ll no longer have that “voice in your ear” guiding you and correcting your errors, telling you to “slow down” and not “cut” the corner but “turn into it” and a whole host of other things.

You’ll be on your own. Or you’ll have distractions-your friends in the car with you, the radio on etc and that’s when the risk of a P plate driver having  an accident elevates astronomically!

P Platers drive less BUT are over represented in accidents-sometimes serious accidents and fatalities, that’s not meant to scare you simply look in the papers and you’ll see what I mean.




Its called the “Find Your Own Way” experience and that’s what I base my teaching on. I’ll explain to you how you can use your own initiative to think for yourself and to take charge of your thoughts and plan ahead  and to confidently understand the various driving situations you’ll be faced with what you’ll need to do when you DON’T have that supervisor, instructor or assessor in the car with you telling you what to do.

You’ll be able to clearly and confidently understand the skills that you’ll need to have to not only make you pass your test, any half decent instructor can show you how to do that, BUT you’ll have the knowledge on how to:

  • Drive safely
  • With confidence
  • And keep your friends, yourself and your license safe!

I’m constantly expanding my own knowledge within the industry so I’m able to pass that on to my students-to make them better, safer and competent drivers.

School is NEVER out for the driving professional!

Fit 2 Drive School Blacktown NSW

I’m looking forward to meeting you, or if you’d like to ask any questions please feel free to Contact me

rachel-twoEach Lesson Includes:

www.fit2driveschool.com      1 hour recorded in your log book

www.fit2driveschool.comOn every lesson a nice bottle of water to drink if you’re thirsty

www.fit2driveschool.comWe will practice EXACTLY what you’ll need to do on test day-including the 4 test maneuvers– Don’t wait till the last moment to learn to park! as well as safe driving skills!

www.fit2driveschool.comAt the end of each lesson detailed written feedback about what you need to practice and what you’ve done well during the lesson!

www.fit2driveschool.comEven if you do NOT use my car on test day I’ll text you through some last minute “test day tips”!

Pass first time with fit2drive

On Your Initial Lesson…You’ll Get:

www.fit2driveschool.comMy special “Kims Tips Sheet” EXACTLY what your assessor will be looking for you to do on test day and of course for your own safe driving behavior and also….

www.fit2driveschool.comMy book DVD and CD  “How to Pass Your Red Ps First Time, on sale from my website for $37 yours FREE!

Just Part Of What The Book Contains..

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWKims Tips The 17 +essential items that your assessor will be looking for you to do on the day

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWHow your logbook can determine whether or not you’ll pass your test!

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWThe MOST Common Cause Of WHY many L platers FAIL Their Ps First Time and what you’ll need to do to avoid this trap! How to avoid FAIL/INSTANT FAIL items

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWWhich RTA is best to take your test? Here’s the answer…and you may be very surprised

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWHow to reverse Parallel Park the EASY way, become a Reverse Parallel
Parking expert in 12 minutes! DON’T wait till 1 week before your test to learn how to par!

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWThe four essential test maneuvers how to perform them correctly

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWWhat makes a good Instructor-what you NEED to look for BEFORE paying for more than a one lesson session!

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSW“Anatomy of a driving lesson” Exactly what we do and what you get in a 3 for 1 Fit2DriveSchool driving lesson- What other Instructors Don’t tell you!

Fit2drive School Blacktown NSWThe day BEFORE Your test essential tips! And what you can do to ease your nerves, safely and legally!



Pass Your Test With NO Accidents In The First 6 Months!